On the fine art of being funny

Today, I received a fine epistle penned by the creative folks at Victors & Spoils. E-epistle to be exact (it was an email). One thing that struck me deep while reading this opus magnum – I am sure the people who created this text (quoted below) meant well and just wanted to be funny. It’s just knowing when to stop is something that they haven’t mastered yet. There is a fine line between being outgoing and funny and being phony and disrespectful. As the old saying goes, “too much good is no good”…

The aforementioned opus follows:

{quote begins}

Congratulations. You are smarter than a baby.

Thank you for joining the Creative Department at Victors & Spoils. And kudos to you. Because you are smarter than most infants.

Now it’s not that we have anything against babies, really. But we know a smart person when we see one. And we’d like you to feel good about yourself. So let’s look at the facts. You know how to work a computer. You somehow found our website. You can negotiate pull-downs, click on crap, type within the tricky confines of tiny text fields, paste links to your work. And glory on high, you can also press send.

Can some slobbery baby do that? No way. They can’t even hold in their urine. But man are we glad you can. Because as we continue to grow, and as the creative opportunities at V&S become more numerous and juicy, the more we’ll be reaching out to you for your creative genius. And we’d rather you didn’t pee on us when we do.

So for now, be sure to confirm your membership and stay tuned for further correspondence from us once we have a choice new brief for which we think you’d be right. While you’re hanging tight check out the projects we currently have available at victorsandspoils.com, they’re projects open to all, and we’d love to see what you could do.

Confirm your account by clicking this link – Confirm my account


Victors & Spoils

{quote ends}


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