I am curious. Nothing in particular, just curious…

I am curious. Nothing in particular, just curious. I look up when everyone else is looking down… They say “curious George” – I’m not so sure about the “George” part but otherwise… I wonder how many otherwise perfectly normal people would spend their Sunday morning laying right smack in the middle of the way in a busy mall (and in some pretty indecent pose I might add) taking shots at the mall cupola. Judging by the looks I received – not too many. Which makes me wonder – why don’t they see it the same way? We are all given at least two eyes (some got three, they call us “photographers”) so why don’t they see it? I am pretty sure I have missed some untold numbers of bugs and worms, and maybe a few dog piles – all due to paying attention to what’s up in the sky – but it doesn’t bother me too much. I wonder why?

#wp #architecture #architecturalphotography

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