My new E-Book has finally arrived!

Many thanks to the wonderful people at PHOTIGY ( – with their support, my long-awaited e-book on copyright is finally out into the world and on the virtual “bookstore shelf” here. Come check it out!

This book is different from most other books you will find out there. First, it is not just legal talk – and, to the most part, I tried to speak “plain English” and avoid the “big words” as much as practical. But that’s not what makes it different. The major difference is that this book is written by a photographer for photographers and it discusses things that are rarely covered in the volumes you will find on your local bookstore shelf: it talks about such things as whether your website is covered by copyright, how to submit your work to the US Copyright Office, how to set up the submission process in the way that it does not become a painful chore and many other things. It is a very practical guide and that’s why it is called a “Field Guide to Copyright”.

Please take a moment to take a look at the full book description and read the sample pages here. Enjoy the reading!

Alex Stepanov, Photographer


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