I am curios – how does it feel to run the most hated service in the world?

A few days ago, the self proclaimed “most loved” payment service decided to freeze my account. Just because. To be exact, they “determined” that I was involved in some dark illegitimate affairs and by doing so, violated their Terms of Service or something to that effect. It still puzzles me what kind of illegal stuff I was plotting, yet the following events were even more bizarre (however hard it may be to imagine).

It is not that hard to imagine that emails to the customer service went unanswered. After all, PayPal is famous for it’s “customer service denial” system.

Next came the phone call, which prompted me to blog this in the first place. The conversation went as follows:

– PayPal: We see that you have a problem with your account. Unfortunately, we can no longer offer you our service
– I : That’s exactly why I’m calling you. I wish to close the account
– PayPal: We cannot do that. We can lock it.
– I : No, I wish to close it. You just said you can no longer offer me the service, so close it.
– PayPal: We cannot do that. We can lock it.
– I : Why?
– PayPal: Because closing is not possible for limited accounts
– I : How long the limits will stay in effect?
– PayPal: Indefinitely
– I : I wish to close the account
– PayPal: It is not possible
– I : Can you provide an explanation?
– PayPal: No
– I : Why not?
– PayPal: Because we don’t see a reason. Goodbye!

Who needs a muscle these days… The days of bullies are drawing to the end folks. Modern bullies wear suits and ties. You don’t need to be strong, you just need to be PayPal, the most hated payment service in the world.

How do you feel, PayPal? Fine, I’m sure…