Alex Who?


My name is Alex Stepanov, born and raised in the USSR. That country that does not exist anymore. Like most of the fellow photographers, I laid my hands on my first “camera” in the fourth or fifth grade. The first camera didn’t last. My dad was mad for quite some time. I took it to the repair shop and they only made things worse. My dad’s disposition took a marked turn to worse. I started saving…

By the time I was in college, I had my own SLR – heavy as a brick and loud as a gun with lens that would only open to 4.5 and no zoom, it was my workhorse for quite some years until it was stolen on a weekend trip to Canada. I was mourning the loss for a couple of months as if it was a family member. Then I started saving…

Fast forward, today I am a commercial photographer living in the beautiful and eclectic city of San Francisco. Majority of my work happens in the studio – commercial product photography, still life, conceptual still life, stop-motion and everything in between. Outside of the studio, I often spend my time in the city, which never ceases to surprise me with new angles, lines, reflections, shades of the fog over the hills and with the seemingly infinite variety of the characters who live in this beautiful city.

As a photographer, I approach every object as a product of design, be it a tiny electronic gadget or a huge 50-story building. I firmly believe that every object is beautiful and my goal as a photographer is to show this beauty to the world, which often times calls for some quite non-conventional technical approach and a bit of thinking “out of the box”.

In this blog, I would like to invite you behind the scenes and explain you how some of the images were created. As a studio photographer, I always have to create new tools, build custom rigs, come up with new lighting setups and so on. It is my pleasure to share those inventions with you. Let’s do it together!


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